Friday, February 17, 2012

Preparing to Birth your Dreams

Preparing to Birth your Dreams

Are your dreams thriving with the heartbeat of God? Or are you self-sustaining your own dreams?

Perhaps, you may even wonder what will become of your Dreams.

Well, I can tell you that when we receive a God-inspired dream the heart of it begins to form, beat with life, develop and continue to mature through a gradual process until birth.

The rhythm of our dreams in comparison to an embryo’s heartbeat can be detected before the heart is fully formed during the very early stages of development. This is exactly what pumps blood through the circulatory system delivering oxygen and nutrients to the organs that depend upon each other to function as a whole unit.

So, as I reflect upon this statement it helps me to further understand that my dreams receive nourishment and nutrients right from the heart of the Father, God himself, who has the power to keep our dreams vibrant with life, purpose and vision.

Today as we discuss the 3 stages of birth (birthing our dreams), determine where the heartbeat of your dream first originated…as either the heart of the Father, God himself, or by your own self support system?

The 1st stage of birth is Labor: During this process we began to transition from being comfortable to uncomfortable, things may even seem chaotic at this time because of change.

2nd stage of birth is Pushing: The pain of being uncomfortable may intensify. However, the baby (our dream) is beginning to reveal itself, showing it’s identity, purpose, character, etc .

The 3rd stage of birth is Afterbirth: Be confident that God will complete what He has started in you. (Philippians 1:6)

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-9
Prayer: Lord, I pray that we are confident in knowing that you will complete the work that you have begun in us.
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