In a day when so many individuals' destinies are becoming mere thoughts and not a reality, this book walks one through a journey that draws them closer to Christ through a testimony.  Ana's testimony not only speaks life, it speaks encouragment, it's a test of faith, and makes you want to cry aloud to God for His grace and mercy.
As a woman who observed both close and far, Ana stood firm. She stood firm on the Word of God.  Ana and her family's valleys and the mountains are ture testaments as to what God can and will do in our lives if we have total faith in Him.  God simply wants us to stand firm and be confident in His Word and promises for our lives.
In the company of faith and discipline through the Work of God, allow this book to...
*  bless you by each word written
*  uplift you by the testimony
*  allow God to fill you with the Holy Spirit
*  influence you to model faith as Ana and her family did
*  reposition you closer to the will of God for your life
*  compel you to be obedient and BIRTH YOUR DESTINY

Ty Moody, Ed.D
God Chaser, Wife, Mother, First Lady (in that order)
The Worship Center Christian Church, Birmingham, AL

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