Birth Your Destiny
Ecclesiastes 3:11  He has made everything beautiful in its time...

The birth pains literally awakened me from my sleep as the baby stirs roughly in my belly.  My position must change.  I turn from my stomach to my back in preparation to give birth, to deliver what stirs inside of me to gain relief.  The pain is intense upon realizing that I am feeling another's pain within my spirit. The pain is of someone who is relatively close, but afar from my presence.  Her name is Destiny.  How do I reach out to help her?  I began to pray, while depriving myself of satisfying sleep.  It is too early for Destiny to deliver.  Will she birth prematurely while the mornng dew is still ripe?  As I await an answer from God while lying on my back, my thoughts are interrupted as if an eathquake is beginning to rumble.  What will she do?  Lie prostrate in prayer for instructions?  She must not deliver prematurely.  I fall back into my slumber as I wait for the appointed time of Destiny's birth.  She rests and gains the nutrients for mature development. Her body requires more than a daily multivitamin. She is sustained with food.  She seeks atonement for the washing of her sins to become ceremonially clean for righteousness because the day of birth is quickly apporaching.  She is nearer than she thinks.  What will she do?  She must wait patiently until the King is ready to redeem her.

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