Saturday, January 15, 2011

Number your days Aright!

Psalm 90:12

So what if you awaken from a dream that you have lost your husband, your child or your grandchild? How you ask? Was it due to sickness, death, separation or divorce? Regardless, you find yourself meeting your new family. But….What did you learn from your prior lifestyle? Did you live a balanced life? Or… Were your priorities out of order? What is your life- focus today?

The revelation of the following scripture has awakened in my life, "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." I welcome you to partake in the revelation of God's word that it may bring you new life as well. I obviously become awe struck upon receiving a true revelation from God. The mere thought of grasping that my imperfect happy life as I know it among my immediate family members can literally change at any moment- has helped me to wisely consider reevaluating certain standards or priorities that I, or my family has in place.

Sure, I have had the understanding in knowing that my life can change… However, receiving this revelation from God helps me to better understand how to apply my prior knowledge about family, with the ability to add wisdom, to improve our quality of life without regrets. Let me ask you a question, "How would you live life if you knew that you only had a short amount of time left on earth to spend with your family?" Despite the limited amount of time left whether two days, two weeks, two months, or two years, it's the quality of balanced time that you live out your life with your family that truly matters in a lifetime.

For example, I can't get so caught up in perfection, working, and providing for my family, that I miss out on opportunities to first focus on my personal relationship with God, being a creative counterpart for my husband, enjoying and rightfully teaching my children, and so on…The order matters!

I refuse to awaken to a life of regrets…I choose to live a purposeful life today as a servant to please the heart of God, a wife, a mom, and a life changer! How about you?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Journey of Spiritual Maturity

As the New Year unravels itself into the epitome of nature itself I regain consciousness to begin writing again; indulging myself into the womb of grace for taking my hand again toward Destin's design. So how is your outlook as we continue moving forward in the New Year? Hhmmmm….Well, I wonder what the year beholds….

Although, AWAKENED from a previous spiritual slumber, I'm learning to consistently remain awakened through a vital spiritual relationship that I maintain with Jesus Christ…Delighting myself in the Lord and reaping the rewards of all His benefits… (Psalm 37:4..Psalm 103). I'm elated about our adventure! My admiration of Him as my first true love has overflowed into the New Year (Matthew 22:37-38)! This adventure has truly been the journey of a lifetime…..

I remember ever so clearly the day when my life truly awakened to His spirit. The amazement and excitement of my new nature bubbled over into such a JOY, love and peace that I had never experienced prior to that moment! I look forward to beholding that cherished memory and more throughout this New Year! Join me along the journey of spiritual maturity and let's tell the world about the marvelous works Jesus has done!