Small Group Study

Welcome to the Small Group Study “Bringing Forth Virtue” conducted during the Winter/Spring Semester 2012 from 01/29/12 – 04/28/12:

I will blog once weekly to discuss chapters from “Bringing Forth Virtue” for participants who are reading along in the book. However, we will also chat by topic to include participants who do not have a copy of the book. New topic discussions will open Saturday mornings and responses to the post are welcome throughout the week.

2/04/12 -  Part I: First Trimester/The Seed

2/11/12 - Chapter 1/Month 1: The Journey of Fatih Begins

2/18/12 -  Chapter 2/Month 2: Our First Born Crowned

2/25/12 - Chapter 3/Month 3:  A Father's Account Stage 1

3/03/12 - PartII: Second Trimester/The Dream

3/10/12 - Chapter 4/Month 4: A Desperate Situation

3/17/12 - Chapter 5/Month 5: A Father's Account Stage 2

3/24/12 - Chapter 6/Month 6: God held up my Right hand

3/31/12 - Part III: Third Trimester/The Offspring

4/07/12 - Chapter 7/Month 7:  Crazy FAITH defeats Insanity

4/14/12 - Chapter 8/Month 8:  17 Day Partial Fast

4/21/12 - Chapter 9/Month 9:  Stand Firm

4/28/12 - Review/Epilogue

I will be honored to discuss topics of FAITH with you or pray with you through email.

*Outreach opportunities may also become available during the semester.

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