Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Journey of Spiritual Maturity

As the New Year unravels itself into the epitome of nature itself I regain consciousness to begin writing again; indulging myself into the womb of grace for taking my hand again toward Destin's design. So how is your outlook as we continue moving forward in the New Year? Hhmmmm….Well, I wonder what the year beholds….

Although, AWAKENED from a previous spiritual slumber, I'm learning to consistently remain awakened through a vital spiritual relationship that I maintain with Jesus Christ…Delighting myself in the Lord and reaping the rewards of all His benefits… (Psalm 37:4..Psalm 103). I'm elated about our adventure! My admiration of Him as my first true love has overflowed into the New Year (Matthew 22:37-38)! This adventure has truly been the journey of a lifetime…..

I remember ever so clearly the day when my life truly awakened to His spirit. The amazement and excitement of my new nature bubbled over into such a JOY, love and peace that I had never experienced prior to that moment! I look forward to beholding that cherished memory and more throughout this New Year! Join me along the journey of spiritual maturity and let's tell the world about the marvelous works Jesus has done!

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